(Angle editorial, 2021)
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: nouvelle, psychologica novel

Ari and Aran are constantly struggling with a feeling of lack, as if they are missing a part of themselves. She, Ari, composes songs about her feelings and worries: loneliness, misunderstanding, absence, fog. Even though she’s only nineteen, she’s triumphing everywhere with her torn, poignant raps. He, Aran, is a dancer and on stage is the perfect blend of strength and delicacy: his body seeks to connect with the world, with someone. Even though he is only nineteen, the best dance companies want to hire him.

With a style that is both lyrical and direct, Muriel Villanueva has woven the story of two young people who are looking for each other, who are questioning their identity, their sexual reality and their origins, and who feel the same emptiness. But neither of them knows the other one exists.

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«Fascinated by the hypnotic literature of Muriel Villanueva since La Gatera. I took Semiidèntices in a row. Sensational.»

Izaskun Arretxe, Institut Ramon Llull.

«It flows great. I love every character’s rage and how the strings are played.»

Ramon Erra, writer.

«A book I recommend, very sensitive, very life aware. And just like the best literature, it makes you think.»

Pere Francesch, journalist.

«Such a great work. One of the best novels of the year.»

Jordi Folck, journalist and writer.

«It is remarkable the courage which the author has given a voice to individuals of different generations, social classes, genders and interests, without showing a particular comfort with any of them, without favoring or degrading the perception of one above or below that of the rest… All the characters are ambivalent, they have lights and shadows, a complex interiority for which they suffer and which they find themselves in a constant and unhappy struggle. This inner world manifests itself in a very different way in each case, but always with a strong coherence with the vital and social context that surrounds them. It does not establish a hierarchy between simple and complex characters, but rather reaffirms the complexity of all of them, showing their simplicity from the purest crudeness. It strips conventions and languages ​​bare to show individual nudity, the primordial instincts that equate everyone.»

Anaïs Bedmar, Núvol.

What readers say

«Muriel Villanueva is so good! How bravely she faces literature. Don’t miss it, please!»

Imma Muñoz, teacher and journalist.

«Intimate and delicate novel that can be read in a row. Pure love. Such a success.»

Jordi Sanuy, journlist.

«Read in a row. How much I love your writings, Muriel.»

Noemí Rodríguez, journalist.

«Once again she proves her own style. She is an author who defines herself, self fiction or not, of knowing how to approach issues without judging, showing the weaknesses and strengths of each character. Their stories stay inside, their words make them grow.»

Mar Font, writer.

«I ate the book, non stop, at once. Lot of voices and they all get you.»

Ester Enrich, writer.