(Sembra Llibres, 2023)
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: historical novel

In Un pianista en un celler, Muriel Villanueva x-rays us an entire era of great changes through the eyes of a peasant family. With the ability to stir consciences that characterizes her, the author offers us a novel that dances between the present day and the years of the Civil War, in which many residents of the Penedès took refuge from the bombings both in the old wineries and in the new air raid shelters that would later become cellars, but also in the music that made them fly along unexpected paths. A great story about a humble family soon branched out between promotions and downfalls, lords and landlords, aspirations and frustrations. And with the land, the vineyard and the wine as the intangible bond of lives marked by the conflicts of our country.

«It’s the perfect novel to get out of a reader’s block.»

Lourdes Frasquest, Gent Ràndom.

«At this point in the film, Muriel does absolutely what she wants with her prose. 100% addictive.»

Laia Asso, writer and pediatrician.

«I was charmed by the structure, it’s amazing! And the story. But it’s clearly the way of explaining it that makes it what it is.»

Anna Boluda, journalist and writer.

«I sorted it in a weekend.»

Carlota Freixenet, bookstore at La Carbonera, Barcelona.

«Muriel Villanueva moves comfortably in this vibration, where literature takes shape and fills the senses. Like the best of wines.»

Miguel Ángel González Ayala, at Eix Diari.

«With “Un pianista en un celler”, the author shows us a mature and conscious writing that plays with points of view, verb tenses, ellipses, silences and even with the names of the protagonists to finish achieving the same as a master oenologist: a port, a lasting aftertaste on the palate.»

Marta Aliguer, Núvol magazine.

«The craft of the writer is very noticeable, she has great skill when it comes to playing with time, taking us from one decade to another.»

Anna Guitart, Tot el temps del món, TV3.

«I devoured it, I tried to taste it too, but I devoured it, it sucks. It is a book that leaves a lot of aftertaste of love.»

Núria Tort.

«The most attractive aspect of the novel lies in its wise use of the world of wine. […] In this work, viticulture – and therefore the land – represents much more than a setting: it determines the character of the protagonists.»

Jordi Llavina (La República, El Punt Avui).

«I read ‘Un pianista en un celler’, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m not a voracious reader, nor can I devote much time to reading and with this work of art you’ve created, you’ve got me looking for time under the rocks and having a beastly urge to keep going page after page. Thanks and congratulations!»

Kevin Urbaneja Márquez, reader.