(Montflorit, 2009)
Montflorit Award 2009
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: psychological novel

Jo toco i tu balles is a two-voice concert, the duet where a mime from Las Ramblas and a piano teacher read a past staff where they dance the strings and doors, the steps and the corridors, yellowed letters, a bow and a crumpled skirt on a green armchair.

Jo toco i tu balles at Només hi faltes tu (Catalunya Música, with Ester Pinart). Ten literary-musical tastings by the characters of the novel – November, 2015.

What readers say

«I have just finished reading Jo toco i tu balles and I would like to tell you that I loved it, but very much. I had already read La Gatera and Motril 86, but the taste left in my mouth by the latter (which you actually wrote before the other two) is so unique that I don’t think it will go away for a few days. Girl, it’s delicious.»

Montse Maestre Casadesús.

«It is a book that comes with music. It talks about music, it talks a lot about music, but that’s not it. It does not come with any recommended background music, it is not that either. It is even better, and above all, more difficult. The music is in the text, in its rhythm, in a combination of words that is written in lines but could well have been done on staves. Thus the reading flows under Muriel’s pen, happy when she plays, solemn on other occasions, always right with the tone.»

Javi Agudo.