(Adia edicions, 2020)
Antoni Vidal Ferrando Award, Vila de Santanyí
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: lyrical novel, self fiction

Lives shaken from the foundations of the couple and being. Motherhood as a shrapnel explosive. Essential questions for both daughter and granddaughter.

The main character, lost in a world full of uncertainties and misunderstandings, make this textualist narrative -between lyric and theatrical- and with many records, a path of experimentation towards the edge of the abyss, the sinuous wait towards the tragedy that comes to us all sooner or later.

«When you read Muriel Villanueva, nothing is what you are reading. There is magic. You immediately realize that she has created a new symbolic universe that radicalizes the content. […] Both in El ball de les estornelles, El parèntesi esquerre, and La gatera, this author offers us a reality that is nothing but a mere accentuation of another reality, she transports us from a place to the another in a matter of seconds and poetizes our reading in a masterful way.»

Maria Carme Rafecas, Setembre

«El ball de les estornelles transcends the dermis of the political projection of patriarchy and infiltrates to the bone marrow in its most primary, most naturalized, and often least obvious manifestations. It is a liberating book because it invites us to talk freely about the emotions that make us up.»

Joanjo Garcia, Caràcters Magazine