(Montflorit, 2010)
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: historical novel

Baracoa is not a book. They are two. And it’s also a book project based on a book that’s in a book and it has to be the big leap of a lost character. Edgar Noi, a blockbuster film actor, has just read El Tallista and is starting to reread it with the firm purpose of bringing the book to the cinema and investing a fortune in it. Meanwhile, Ròmul Perarnau, an octogenarian wood carver, is still happy to have seen his biography written by his granddaughter and published by a small Valencian publishing house. In their stubbornness, their journey to Baracoa begins, a name that in these pages means more than a people of Cuba and a song by Antonio Machín, even if there is no road.