(Revista Blurb, 2021)
Novel: adult
Literary style: short stories
Language: catalan

Abel and Muriel probably have a flying spot. We look similar, but we are more complementary, difficult to mix but not to add.

We met in 2008 and, among other crazy ideas, we soon shared the intention to create a widget together: photos that inspired texts, texts that provoked photos, and period. One spring morning in 2012, in the Catalunya bar in Sant Cugat, next to a huge and very old refrigerator, we decreed that polysemy and the meanings of the word punt would do the rest.

Twenty-five leaflets were published in the digital cultural magazine Catorze Cultura Viva between 2016 and 2018. Since then, we have created five more, hitherto unpublished, to cover the thirty or so you now have in your hands.


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Abel Pau is, in his studies, a mathematician, where not everything is accurate and requires creativity, and, at work, a computer scientist, where accuracy is a fallacy. He is a vocational photographer, where everything is where he touches.

Muriel Villanueva is a writer and considers herself lucky to have found her ikigai; passion, mission, vocation and profession intersect in an open center: writing.