(SEMBRA Llibres, 2022)
Novel: young
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Tags: music, gender, family, friendship, body
Recommended for: secondary school

When Carla enters the ICU, the world she knew seems to have collapsed. Or at least that’s what it seems. She and her high school friends live facing their own ghosts. The passion for music has united them in the creation of a rock band. And throughout songs they learn how to feel alive. But it’s not that easy. Prejudices and obstacles multiply everywhere. They won’t give in though. And they will continue to walk the tightrope between euphoria and tragedy.

At Amb fil de seda, Muriel Villanueva captivates us with the story of a music band created by young women willing not to give up. A vibrant story about a fall into the void, a moving, a parting, an imminent death, aesthetic pressure and the questioning of their own gender, bring together four young people who find in art the language with which they understand each other. A journey through an internal revolution of a choral, adolescent, rural and loving dimension that rides on the unstoppable wave of creativity.