(Sembra Llibres, 2024)
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan
Genre: stories, autofiction

“I have to learn to trust men, I want to trust men, I trust men, I said to myself as I walked out the door of the therapist’s office, but in case I forget, I’ll need a symbol , a drawing for example here on the wrist, clearly visible, a place to look when the black clouds come – when they return.”

Senyal que plourà is a brilliant self-fiction game. A brave and original book, sometimes funny, sometimes hurtful, and always moving because of the truth of its texts. With the ability to stir consciences and the close but forceful style that has earned her prizes such as the Llibreter, the Carlemany or the Llança de Sant Jordi, Muriel Villanueva now opens the drawers of memories to investigate and question the masculine universe of yesterday and today from acquired feminism. An altarpiece of experiences and reflections written from maturity, but above all from the guts, of one of the most unique voices in today’s narrative.