(Versátil, 2019)
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: spanish
Genre: romance novel

After half a life, two divorces and the loss of a pregnancy, Azul returns to Paris, the city where at seventeen, during the pre-university course, she was groping, looking between two strong loves and a lot of friendships. Today, at the age of forty, she returns to the capital of love to try to unite the pieces of the adolescent Azul and those of the woman in crisis. There she will discover and rediscover new and old passions that will lead her to look ahead.

What readers say

«I cried, I was moved, I forgot about myself. How nice. How well done. I’m already recommending it to a few teens.»

Anna Boluda, writer.

«A catchy narrative voice, a main character looking for a way forward and the strength of a sentence that pushes her to make decisions. I really enjoyed it! Very powerful phrases and endings. To read is to feel.»

Mar Font, writer.

«Very direct, very sincere, and radiates light. This is one of those books that deserve a reread.»

Carmen CG, Libros en mi biblioteca.