(Ediçoes Duarte Reis, 2006)
Original: Mares, i si sortim de l’armari?

Novel: young
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan, spanish, polish, korean, portuguese
Genre: nouvelle, autobiography
Tags: bullying, origin, empathy
Recommended for: secondary school

This book is for the children of gay families, because all children have the right to live in peace, to be accepted by all, to speak of the family aloud and calmly, without having to invent stories or live in silence.

It is up to future parents to consider putting their children in a mess, or they may feel guilty for putting their own sexual condition on their children. There is no reason to be afraid.

This book is for the gay and lesbian children’s group, to which I belong, and, as you can imagine, the gay and lesbian community, to which my mothers belong.

It’s up to you, because it’s time for us all to get out of the closet.

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