(Columna i Planeta, 2016)
Original: L’Esfera I: Sense ales
Novel: young
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan, spanish
Tag: social control, riot, friendship, love, gay parenthood, dystopian science fiction
Recommended for: secondary school

A perfect world between invisible bars. A unique young woman destined to break them.

L’Esfera is in control of the population. To escape this control, the citizens of Nido are hooked on a virtual environment that allows them to enjoy the freedom they crave. Kala, a girl who rejects this way of life, will be forced to cross the to Altra Banda to find her best friend, Beo, who disappeared a few days ago. But she is not yet ready for what she will find. Half-truths, savage struggles, scenarios where nothing is as it seems and the possibility of a new world await Kala. Her destiny is approaching, if she wants to save Beo. But first she has to challenge L’Esfera. The battle has just begun.

Other books in the trilogy:

La Esfera II. Las alas de Ìcaro

La Esfera III. El vuelo del fénix