(Columna i Planeta, 2016)
Novel: young
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan, spanish
Tag: social control, riot, friendship, love, gay parenthood, dystopian science fiction
Recommended for: secondary school

A perfect world between invisible bars. A unique young woman destined to break them.

L’Esfera is in control of the population. To escape this control, the citizens of Nido are hooked on a virtual environment that allows them to enjoy the freedom they crave. Kala, a girl who rejects this way of life, will be forced to cross the to Altra Banda to find her best friend, Beo, who disappeared a few days ago. But she is not yet ready for what she will find. Half-truths, savage struggles, scenarios where nothing is as it seems and the possibility of a new world await Kala. Her destiny is approaching, if she wants to save Beo. But first she has to challenge L’Esfera. The battle has just begun.

Other books in the trilogy:

L’Esfera II. Les ales d’Ìcar

La Esfera III. El vuelo del fénix

What readers say

«Brilliant, enigmatic, captivating, with character, lively… A lot of words come out of my mind at the end of the first volume of the L’Esfera trilogy. Perhaps because of the theme it is aimed at a young audience but I have to admit that at almost thirty I have enjoyed it a lot and it has made me think of many classic works by the great masters of science fiction and at the same time with the book Brave New World of Aldous Huxley. It has kept me awake and with my attention focused on what is taking place in the world that its authors masterfully present to us. It seems unbelievable how a four-handed novel is so round.»

Àngela Sánchez Vicente, La Petita Llibreria.

«I can assure you, without hesitating, Sin alas leaves you speechless.»

Mònica Tocavents.

«I devoured it in just one day. And it left me wanting more.»

Sueños de papel.

«Sin alas totally hooks you, makes you forget all the preconceived ideas you had about the book and chains you to the pages. With many characters, with a starring role who makes an effort, with a futuristic world in the heights, with a dystopian government… In short, an excellent start to the saga.»

Nanny Books.

«The plot is very fluid, it is a very curious society, where we can think for ourselves, since in this book they do not give us everything done. It is an interesting book, with science fiction and dystopia, with a lot of action and, above all, very different from what you have read. I loved it and the only but that I find is that I already need the second one!!!!!»

Estoy entre páginas.

«I’m already a #kalarian, impatient to find out how it continues, because the last pages have left me with the same sensations as the most exciting and surprising endings of Lost. A perfect mix of science fiction, love and politics. In L’Esfera, gender-limiting stereotypes are totally broken, because in this dystopian world, men, women and those without gender coexist, and the characters fall in love with the person regardless of gender or age. I totally encourage you to introduce yourselves into this world, into El Nido and la Otra Banda, which despite defining them as dystopian, we will find them, unfortunately, very close.»

Elisenda Solsona, writer.