(El Bullent, 2023)
Illustrated by: Sara Sánchez
Novel: children’s
Literary style: poetry
Language: catalan
Tags: gender, empathy
Recommended for: all ages

Muriel Villanueva takes us into the poetic forest of ‘La pedra rosa’, where the unicorn, the lycanthrope, the dragon, the mermaid and the fairies live together in a world as imperfect as all of them. Full, of course, of rhythm, diversity and love. The diversity of gender, the central theme of the album, responds to the claim of teaching professionals who find similar materials for the little ones lacking and serves at the same time as an excuse to introduce a value of universal and unconditional respect. Addressed to all audiences, the book shows a universe illustrated by Sara Sánchez with images soaked in life that abandon the basic colors and abound in pastel tones, to accompany a complex and harmonious message.