(Planeta, 2016)
Novel: young
Literary style: narrative
Language: spanish
Tag: social control, riot, friendship, love, gay parenthood, dystopian science fiction
Recommended for: secondary school

Third book in the trilogy, written in four hands with Roger Coch.

The turning point has come. Do you have a choice? Back in Nido, Kala finds the power restless and closed at last. In the middle of a curfew, the Open Hand moves through the shadows and accuses significant casualties while showing some new faces. The Museo, the Criadero, Otro Lado and the Basurero will be key places from which the Única will try to achieve its ultimate goal: the Sphere. As the plan seems more and more impossible, Kala will fight to keep loving a Beo that escapes him, not to lose a father who seems to have lost his mind and to rebuild the puzzle that will tell him his origins.

After the success of Sense ales and Les ales d’Ìcar, El vuelo del fénix arrives to close the trilogy.

Other books in the trilogy:

La Esfera I. Sin Alas

La Esfera II. Las alas de Ícaro

What readers say

«I think everyone should read this saga because of how wonderful it is. In addition, they are Spanish authors. I’ll wait sitting for another novel (or saga) to come out both. So if you are reading this AUTHORS, we want you to continue publishing together… In conclusion, there was no better ending for this trilogy. Definitely a very emotional ending. I keep wondering why he’s so talented. For those of you who haven’t read the trilogy, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. This third part was one of the best reads this year. ORDER FOR CHRISTMAS THE COMPLETE TRILOGY PLEASE.»

El Pequeño Lector.

«A perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. I loved it all and I think it’s something I would highly recommend. It is one of my favorite trilogies of 2016 and I hope to be able to read such good things in 2017. Thanks to the authors for creating this wonder.»

Los Mundos de Blue.