(Flamboyant, 2018)
Illustrated by: Ferran Orta
Novel: children’s
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan, spanish, chinese, korean, czech
Tags: enuresis, secrets, shame
Recommended for: junior school

The holidays have arrived and it’s time to leave for camp. But he doesn’t feel like it. He has a yellow, round secret that appears on his sheet every night and he doesn’t want to share it. What will be this annoying secret? Will he be able to break free and enjoy the camp?

An album that confronts our own fears and invites us to get over them.

Visit the translations to spanish, korean, chinese and czech

«How lucky to be a child and be able to spread the shame sheets under the sun like a flag, like an statement and seeing we’re not alone, we’re not small and -fortunately- not perfect.»

Joanjo Garcia, writer.

«A character that makes you be in his shoes and suffer everything he has suffered.»

Mercè Galí, illustrator.