(Open Letter, 2022)
Illustrated by: Aitana Carrasco
Original: El parèntesi esquerre
Translated by: Megan Berkobien and María Cristina Hall
Novel: adult
Literary style: narrative
Language: catalan, english
Genre: nouvelle, psychological novel, self fiction

The narrator of this story arrives by train at a beach with a new born girl on her back. She prepares to spend a few weeks in one of the sandy huts. Her husband has just died and she needs to open a parenthesis: forget something, discover something else. However, the appearance of a starfish precedes a series of disturbing events, and as the main character cracks, we are immersed in the uncertain territory of the allegory.

With a lively and direct style and an overwhelming poetic force, Muriel Villanueva guides us through the daily and at the same time fantastic journey of a woman in search of her own maturity.

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